Newest Book from Michael Lombardo

Break every barrier to experiencing God’s Presence. 

What keeps you from encountering Jesus in a greater way?

Every human being is hard-wired with a need for intimacy with God.

You’re invited to experience this vital union with the Holy Spirit that is greater than you’ve ever imagined—a continuous fellowship with God where a lifestyle of miracles, visions, and supernatural encounters becomes normal. These presence-saturated experiences are available to all believers!

Learn to overcome every obstacle that keeps you from the only place of true fulfillment and deep satisfaction—the glorious presence of God!

Praise for "Immersed in His Glory"

“We’re all born to experience His glory. Jesus is patiently waiting to give us more and more. To immerse us deeper and deeper in His glory. Let’s continue to pursue this abundance in Him. Read Michael’s book, learn and most importantly, enjoy.”

Heidi G. Baker

Co-Founder and CEO, Iris Global

“I’m excited to endorse Michael Lombardo’s book, Immersed in His Glory. Michael gives us insight concerning intimacy with Jesus, and we know that nothing in our lives is worth living or doing without being close to Him. We have the honor and privilege of being in His presence 24/7, and this book inspires and encourages us to actually live that way. Michael Lombardo is truly a lover of God and a rising voice in this generation.”

Roberts Liardon

Best-selling Author of God's Generals

“With a keen understanding of spiritual truths, Michael gives you insights which will aid you on your journey. If you’re one that longs for a deep and rich personal relationship, I can guarantee that you will develop one as you begin to understand and practice the steps found in this life-changing book…Today is your day to be completely set free and to experience the depths of His heart! Come and experience Him in the pages of this book. Your friend, your lover, and bridegroom King has set His affection on you, so come. Let’s discover who He truly is. He wants to be the lover of your soul and the fiery seal upon your heart! Let the wonderful adventure begin!”

Dr. Brian Simmons

Passion Translation Project, Stairway Ministries

“In his book, Immersed in His Glory, Michael Lombardo reveals the glorious truth that we can live in and carry the manifest glory of God on our lives. Sharing from his personal journey and scripture Michael teaches how to access a lifestyle of God’s presence through the grace and rest of God. You will be free from self-striving and empowered to enter into a greater depth of intimacy with God. This is a great book that will renew your mind with truth on what God’s grace really does for you! I love it!”

Matt Sorger

International Speaker and Author

“Helping you move beyond the mental and emotional hindrances to knowing and receiving from God’s presence, Immersed in His Glory will serve as a practical and powerful resource in drawing you closer to the Lord. Simplicity is the mark of all true spirituality. That’s why I’m glad to know that this work by Michael Lombardo is available. I believe that the Holy Spirit will use this book to stir your faith, intensify your spiritual hunger, renew your mind, and set your soul ablaze with a passionate love for Jesus.”

David Diga Hernandez

Evangelist, TV Host, and Author

“Reading Immersed in His Glory caused me to reevaluate my own Christian walk, and this well-written, thought-provoking literature will revolutionize your own relationship with the Father. Michael carries an “in season and out of season” prophetic word for this generation that will catapult many to desire more of Jesus.”

Hakeem Collins

Author, Heaven Declares and Prophetic Breakthrough